Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Office Space

I spend more time in my office than almost anywhere else, so it's been important to me to make it a happy, warm environment.  I've been here almost 2 1/2 years and more and more "stuff" is accumulating in my office.  There are always stacks of papers and files all over the place, but the "decor" still makes me smile.  It's hard to capture in pictures, but here she is:

This is my messy "gallery wall" - the frames are often a little crooked.  My 3 favorite things on this wall: this Story People print Henry gave me, my beloved Zebra head, and the little square plaque 2nd from the bottom on the right from my mom that says: "The day you were born, the World had to make room for a little more Fancy."

This is on the other open wall - 9 pages from the 2010 Kate Spade Wall Calendar.  This is a great way to hang a coordinated set of (super inexpensive) "art"!  I LOVE these prints and hated only seeing them one month at a time, so I measured them and ordered custom frames online.  I think it ended up being about $100 for all of the frames, but you could certainly do this for less if the pages of your calendar were a "normal" size (i.e. 8x10), or if you could make the pages work for that size.

Some of my shelves - I like to keep Mrs. Potato Head right next to my old copies of the Code of Federal Regulations, naturally.  (Our brother Sam made that hat for her when he "shadowed" me at work last year.)

For the past couple of years I've had this giant calendar (from Paper Source) right by my desk - I love it!  I got the lamp at Target a few years ago, but you can find similar anywhere.  I think the lamp really makes the office more homey.

The mug and bowl are from Anthropologie and the little desk calendar is by Jack and Lulu (I really like it, but looking back, I would choose something less expensive in the future - and I even got a discount!)

A few family photos and some fake flowers from Target (of course fresh flowers would be nice, but totally unrealistic and expensive!  I think if you can find decent "fakes," it's just great to get some green/plants in!)

And my messy table/cork board.  Bunny print from here.
That's my office tour!  I'll spare you the mountain of shoes under my desk and taking up a whole drawer.  Anyone else have ideas to make an office a fun place to be?


  1. I love your "Keep Calm and Carry on" frame, did you get it from Etsy? I'm looking for one just like it!!

    1. Thanks Julia!! I love it too, I thought it was perfect for an office :) I actually bought the poster at a local bookstore in DC that has since gone out of business, sorry :( And the frame is from Target. has a bunch of colors and sizes! Miss you!!

    2. Thanks Katie!! Miss you too!! Be sure to let me know if you are ever in the btown area :)

  2. I find this space as cozy, and yet entertaining type of office. I’d love to see how the things were organized. I also love your unique displays like the hanging zebra and Mrs. Potato head. Putting up some unusual accessories might give an uplifting mood to the room and office. That reminds me of my old office in Brooklyn, which has a 2-foot Mobile Suit Gundam standing on the wall. And it happened to be the most eye-catching display in that office space. =)

    Blake Mitchell

  3. Spending more time in your office than anywhere else means that you’re a dedicated type of person, and that’s pretty inspiring for all women out there. And I guess spending too much time in your office resulted to the beautification of the area. I suggest that you add some greens, since indoor plants can uplift your mood and your spirit. Congratulations to the wonderful setup, by the way. =)

    Sam Jephson

  4. That coordinated set of art on your wall is unique and wonderful. It can help you relax at the end of your busy work day.

  5. Hi there! I love what you did with the 2010 kate spade calendar. If you ever want to sell them please let me know. I will buy them from you! Thanks!