About Us

We hail from Richmond, Indiana, a city we love filled with our family and friends. Here are some of our stats:

Born: March 26, 1981
Height: 6'1"
College: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Business Major)
Grad School: Indiana University (Masters in Higher Education)
Law School: Georgetown University
Currently: Lives in DC, working as an associate in a Higher Education group of a law firm
Married to: Henry (from Arkansas) since May 17, 2008
Favorite Colors: Pink and Gold
Also lived in: Seattle, WA from 2003-2004

Born: July 1, 1984 (same day as our brother, Sam, born in 1993!)
Height: 5"6"
College: Indiana University (Business and Marketing Major)
Currently: Lives in Kansas City, MO, working remotely for Fossil as an internal communications guru
Married to: Dac (from Oklahoma) since September 25, 2010
Favorite Colors: Orange and Gold
Also lived in: Dallas, TX from 2006-2011

Katie and Jayne (top from Anthropologie in 2010.)

We started this blog because we love working on projects together. It's been really fun to have a creative outlet for our random ideas/bad jokes/things we want to buy. We have been talking about starting one together for years and finally got our act together.