Why I'll Take Two?

We settled on the title and theme of "I'll Take Two" for this blog because whenever we bought gifts for each other, we found ourselves buying two of everything... so that we had one too. Every time we get to hang out, we always want what the other is wearing/listening to/reading, and we thought this blog would be a fun place to share some of that. As seen in our very first post, we already own approximately one million of the same things:

1. Love Bunnies - Urban Outfitters 2. Desk Calendar - Paper Source 3. Keurig Machine 4. Michael Kors Watch 5. Real Simple Mag! 6. Clothbound Penguin Classics - Anthropologie 7. Kate Spade Twirl 8. Twilight Fresh Face Glow - Sephora 9. Skimmer Candlestick - IKEA 10. Volcano Candle in Capri Blue! - Anthropologie  11. Lacquer Wood Trays - West Elm 12. Sharpies (we're obsessed!) 13. Apples to Apples - Target 14. Martha Stewart Living 15. Sparkly Toms :) - TOMS Shoes 16. Marameikko Umbrella - Ella Umbrella

 You'll see this theme recur in our weekly "I'll Have What She's Having" posts every Friday. We pick a theme and share a few of our favorite items each week. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our blog, please let us know! You can leave a comment or email us at: katieandjayne@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading!

PS: We have not been paid or perked for anything that we mention or have mentioned on our blog. We're not against it, it just hasn't happened yet. We will make it clear when and if that ever does occur.