Friday, September 30, 2011

All Y'all

Dear Y'all,

If you are a Friday Night Lights (RIP) fan, you will love this:

If you are NOT a Friday Night Lights fan, I feel a little bit sorry for you, and I highly recommend you put watching Season 1 on your to-do list.

Love y'all!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Got Back

Being 30 has it's many of my friends are makin' babies! Because Henry and I do not have a baby of our own, I am close to clueless about what parents-to-be and new babies "need." But I've gotten a few showers under my belt, and I've given a few gifts. Below are some ideas for gifts I have felt good about giving to friends I love:

1) The Baby Bunny
This Hat by Lulu's Woobies (this hat is a HUGE hit, and super duper cute on babies. Also, shipping has been quick and the etsy shop owner is really great!)

This Book

2) The Little Penguin
This Book

Penguin onesie from this shop

3) The Favorite-Outfit-Hanger
Personalized Baby Hanger from Lila Frances

4) The Tear Jerker
Baby Makes Three Kate Spade Picture Frame

5) The Really Clever Friend

My great friend Abbey came up with this gift combo: A 6-pack of Duck-Rabbit Beer
This Book

I got to see the friends who inspired this post and meet their beautiful baby this past weekend. Ladies and gentleman, please meet Mallory (aka Shadow, but that's a whole different post):

My first time with a baby carrier! Mallory and I had a grand old time.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One "Rockin' Year"!

Today Dac and I are celebrating our first anniversary. It is just unbelievable that it’s already been a full year since that magical weekend in Richmond, IN and the number one happiest day of my life.  Our first year as Mr. and Mrs. has been even better than I imagined. It’s been so much fun experiencing every little thing together. I made a big deal out of every first – “Oh this is our first Halloween living together – we get to pass out candy!!” or “This is our first time grilling out in OUR backyard.” or "This is our first TREE!!"… Trust me, it was all documented. I can’t even imagine how I will be when we have kids…

We had a blast in a duplex in the adorable Lakewood area in Dallas for the majority of year one. Then a little over a month ago, we moved all the way to Kansas City, MO when Dac landed a new job (it was bittersweet to say goodbye to Fossil – and Dallas - since that is where our story began). I can’t wait for all of our adventures in the coming year… Our first dance was to "Rockin' Years" by Dolly Parton - so here's to another "rockin' year"!

September 25th, 2010...

All photos by the super-amazing bobbi+mike.
(Had to throw one in of Katie and I. :) )

Our amazing photos were taken by Bobbi+Mike, the best photographers EVER.

[Side Note: Looking through all of our wedding pictures to select these, I realized that I will soon be doing a post about our wedding details. We had so much fun deciding on all the little stuff… and it all paid off to make our day that much more special!]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Two Ingredients...

... and you have a hit party treat! "Reese Cup Treats", as we call them, are a famous Dickman (our maiden name) dessert - requested for every family get together or party and loved by kids and adults alike. They couldn't be easier... or more delicious. All you need is a tube of peanut butter cookie dough, a bag of mini Reese's, and a mini muffin pan!

Ok, now for the world's easiest directions...
Cut the cookie dough into 9 slices, and cut each slice into quarters. Then plop 'em into the muffin pan and bake as directed on the cookie package (350 for 9-12 minutes... I tend to like my baked goods under done, so I do 9 mins). One tube of cookie dough will make 36 treats, so if you have another mini muffin pan you can prepare both pans (or pan and a half, actually) at the same time. 
While the cookies are in the oven, unwrap the Reese's Cups. Begin immediately, because it may take the entire time and you need to have them ready right when the "cookies" come out. I know it's tempting to snack on the Reese's Cups while unwrapping, but note that if you buy the regular size bag of minis, you will only have a couple left over. Also note not to leave your Reese's anywhere they may melt like I did... I put them in the refrigerator afterwards, but they're still pretty warped looking. Whoops! Luckily they taste just as good. :) As soon as you take the cookies out, press a Reese's Cup into each one. Press them nearly all the way down, but not all the way as you want to leave a little dough underneath. 

And there you have it... REESE CUP TREATS!
Let them cool completely before removing from the pan. I usually use a small knife to go around the edges and loosen them - then they should just come right out! Now you have the perfect dessert/snack for that party you're going to this weekend!

Booze On Wheels

Currently at the top of my ever-changing wish list: a bar cart. This item was hovering somewhere in the middle of my list for a long time...until Society Social hit the scene. Suddenly, being able to transport my alcohol on wheels from one room to another became my number one priority. This bar cart fever even inspired me to sell a bunch of stuff on ebay to raise funds for the purchase! My pennies are saved and I'm almost ready to order. But which one?

This is the lady I'm leaning towards choosing at the moment:

Isn't she a delight? And the tray on top lifts off so that I can carry beverages up and down stairs without a problem too! Here are some items I would like to stock on my new friend:

Voluspa Candle in Crisp Champagne
Vintage Brass Horse
Kate Spade Champagne Flutes (can find these cheaper on ebay)
Penguin Cocktail Shaker
Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail Glasses
IOMOI Coasters

The first cocktail I serve from the cart needs to be something special, so I think I'll go with:

The French 75
2 oz. Gin
1 oz. Lemon Juice 
1 Spoonful Powdered Sugar
Pour into tall glass containing cracked Ice and fill up with Champagne
Recipe from Savoy Cocktails.
 Image from Kate Spade via my pinterest.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll have what she's having...

 If one of us likes something, odds are good the other will too. That is why whenever we buy each other gifts, we usually end up buying two (one for me, one for you!) People often make fun of us for having the exact same stuff, but we love having near-identical taste and style. We will write this blog from our individual points of view - Jayne will write from Kansas City, MO and Katie will write from Washington, DC.

We thought we would kick off this endeavor with a little sampling of things you will find in both of our lives - we each own (separately) the things you see below. As we find new treasures, ideas, decorating inspirations, music, and books that we love, we will share them here. The items will be eclectic, but they will all have one thing in common: we both want one!

1. Love Bunnies - Urban Outfitters 2. Desk Calendar - Paper Source 3. Keurig Machine 4. Michael Kors Watch 5. Real Simple Mag! 6. Clothbound Penguin Classics - Anthropologie 7. Kate Spade Twirl 8. Twilight Fresh Face Glow - Sephora 9. Skimmer Candlestick - IKEA 10. Volcano Candle in Capri Blue! - Anthropologie  11. Lacquer Wood Trays - West Elm 12. Sharpies (we're obsessed!) 13. Apples to Apples - Target 14. Martha Stewart Living 15. Sparkly Toms :) - TOMS Shoes 16. Marameikko Umbrella - Ella Umbrella

We were not perked or paid to mention any of these items on our blog.