Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll have what she's having...

 If one of us likes something, odds are good the other will too. That is why whenever we buy each other gifts, we usually end up buying two (one for me, one for you!) People often make fun of us for having the exact same stuff, but we love having near-identical taste and style. We will write this blog from our individual points of view - Jayne will write from Kansas City, MO and Katie will write from Washington, DC.

We thought we would kick off this endeavor with a little sampling of things you will find in both of our lives - we each own (separately) the things you see below. As we find new treasures, ideas, decorating inspirations, music, and books that we love, we will share them here. The items will be eclectic, but they will all have one thing in common: we both want one!

1. Love Bunnies - Urban Outfitters 2. Desk Calendar - Paper Source 3. Keurig Machine 4. Michael Kors Watch 5. Real Simple Mag! 6. Clothbound Penguin Classics - Anthropologie 7. Kate Spade Twirl 8. Twilight Fresh Face Glow - Sephora 9. Skimmer Candlestick - IKEA 10. Volcano Candle in Capri Blue! - Anthropologie  11. Lacquer Wood Trays - West Elm 12. Sharpies (we're obsessed!) 13. Apples to Apples - Target 14. Martha Stewart Living 15. Sparkly Toms :) - TOMS Shoes 16. Marameikko Umbrella - Ella Umbrella

We were not perked or paid to mention any of these items on our blog.

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  1. I'd like one of each too please! Love you girls and I'm excited about following this blog!