Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day by Day

As I mentioned long ago, I had some great plans to take amazing monthly or weekly photos to document our sweet little babe.  Turns out that especially in those first couple months, arranging Nora in some hilarious costume on a little customized set and then taking a great photo weren't feasible for me.  I was sad that I had already "missed" the first couple months when I realized that I had taken about a million photos, many that I loved...maybe I could bring them all together after the fact to document the growing NJ.  I was able to figure out which photos I had taken on Mondays (by going through emails and texts I had sent out with pics), and I just put a little label on each of them with the "Labelbox" app on my iphone (side note: I think the iphone is my #1 most important baby item.  I use it daily to take photos and video of Nora and then share them with family and friends.  It takes awesome pics and it's almost always with me.)

I don't LOVE the Labelbox app - I think there's probably something cuter out there.  I could also do something better looking with photoshop, if I knew how to use photoshop (oh well).  So this will do for now, and I can always go back and re-do, now that I know which photos are from which week.  I have saved 2 photos labeled from each week like this:

And then I've put every 4 weeks together in little blocks (using the Foto Frame app on my phone - sorry, can't find a link to Foto Frame) to make it easier to see her grow:

As you can see, she is sleeping in most of my pics of her from the first 4 weeks of her life.  She's turned into quite the little ham.  I love the Foto Frame app, and also recently got the "PicFrame" app, which also seems great!  I plan to use these for something special for her first birthday.  I can't believe she's 15 weeks old!  She's the best.

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