Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's Talk Tables

We get possession of our house in 11 days! Crazy town. We have a little dining area in our kitchen (above), and although we need a table for our actual dining room too,  I think we'll pick the kitchen table first since we have the perfect green chairs from Crate&Barrel that Dac's parents gave us. Right when I saw this space I envisioned the green chairs with a pretty white tulip table. Ideally, this one:
That Linens n' Things price is the cheapest I've seen one of these. But anyone have thoughts on where to find one MUCH cheaper than this? IKEA has this guy, which may be a good option...

But I just really want that marble top. Ideas/options welcome. This will also be a good spot to put a pretty little pendant. It's all looking very good in my mind.

Don't forget Jersey Shore starts tonight ... yeah pregnant Snooki!

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