Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Privacy Problems

So I have been keeping a list for awhile now of things I knew we would want for our new house, so we could review, edit and prioritize once we actually moved in and knew the kind of funds we were working with. 

Some things at the top of my list:
- New TV
- Dining room table
- Nightstands+Lamps for our bedroom
- Rugs

Something not on my list at all?
- Bathroom door

But guess what jumped right to the top after we slept in our room a couple of nights and realized our doorless bathroom has great acoustics? Perfect for shower singing, but not so great for middle-of-the-night bathroom going (or really anytime bathroom going). Our bathroom is really pretty. It's pretty much perfect - other than the fact that it has no door. The doorway is larger than normal, so we will likely need a custom door of some kind.

We talked about maybe a pocket door, but that's likely expensive and we may run into some electrical issues. We also thought maybe some type of double door would be cool, but it's not really a wide enough doorway for that.

So now we're wondering if we can pull off one of these cool urban-meets-farm sliding door deals:


Thoughts? Any other door ideas?

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