Thursday, September 6, 2012

IKEA Makeovers

I absolutely love Kansas City, in pretty much every single way. Its only real downfall is that there's no IKEA. There are rumors circulating though... fingers crossed. There is no better place to get inexpensive stuff and make it your own.

I will definitely be doing this one in the new house - maybe two of them in the office? The $40 Vittsjo shelving unit and some gold spray paint can get you this:

I think this girl also had a mirror shelf cut for the bottom and another glass shelf cut for the very top, where there was maybe wood before? Looks pretty, but may look just fine without that step too.

Or this is another contender for the office. The Expedit shelves are totally awesome.

And then there's always the trusty Rast hack. Can't beat a $35 dresser that ends up looking like this with a little handiwork:


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