Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ron Burgundy anyone?

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So what fall trends are you digging? I just had a chance to dig into some September issues this past weekend, and my initial instinct would be... not very many. A lot of it feels way too runway to me, at least at this point. Leather, while sure it looks hot, is just way too expensive for most of us normal folk to wear as a dress, top, shorts or what have you. And not really into the crazy mirrored prints, the Asian-inspired prints, the varsity jacket or the street sporty/futuristic thing. Also pretty over military and the overly bejewelled.

I'm sure I'll quickly be changing my tune about some of that stuff, because it's already happened with the color of the season. I saw that burgundy was big for fall and thought no way. Maroon/burgundy would normally be my answer for least favorite color (sorry to my A&M friends). But, the more burgundy I've now seen in clothes, shoes and accessories for fall the more I have to have it.

1. Pleated Crepe Skirt - JCrew (color of this is much deeper in catalog)  / 2. DVF Wedge Ankle Boots - netaporter  /  3. Gem Bib Baublebar  /  4. Heritage Leather Satchel Madewell  /  5. Peplum Top Topshop  /  6. Mossimo skinny denim - Target  / 7. Counting Sheep sweater - Madewell  /  8. Chaufur Flat - Steve Madden  /  9. Skirting the Issue - Essie  /  10. J.Brand Cords - netaporter 

A few other things I'm totally into for fall are peplum, equestrian, casual brogues, the peter pan collar and full skirts (have always been a fan of those). What are you feeling/not feeling? Feel free to completely disagree with me.

Stay classy.

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