Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE - Drinks and Desserts

First of all... happy, happy birthday to my sweet, fun, loving husband! Dac doesn't always like sharing his birthday with Christmas and New Year's, but this year we're with his family and he's getting spoiled rotten. :) We've eaten so many desserts already for the holidays that we may be skipping a cake... but I'm sure we'll be ready for sweets again by NYE.

Here is a little roundup of sparkling, festive "zerts" and drinks to ring in the new year:

Champagne sparkle jello shots via

Glittery doughnut holes via Martha Stewart

Star Glitter Cake Pops via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Sparkly pink punch via somewhere splendid

Sparkler cupcake via

Red currant champagne cocktail via Martha Stewart

Confetti Cake (LOVE this and wanted it as a wedding cake when we originally considered NYE. We did a version of it for Katie's 30th and it was the!) via Martha Stewart

Any of these items would be a sure hit in my opinion. Ready to party? Happy New Year's prep!

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