Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh, Christmas Trees

This year we celebrated Christmas a week early in Indiana.  Our holiday traditions are simple but special and it is easily our most favorite time of the year.  One of the things we all look forward to the most is seeing my parent's house transformed into a Christmas Wonderland.  It is impossible to describe how beautiful it is after my mom's many, many hours spent decorating.

Probably the most impressive feat she pulls off every year are the Christmas trees decorated to perfection throughout the house.  It is hard to really capture how amazing each one is, but here are photos of the trees:

#1: A small tree in the hall to our bedrooms

#2: On the back porch with a Santa statue

#3: The Dining Room - silver and purple tree

#4: The Living Room - I believe this tree is 15' tall!

#5: My parent's bedroom

#6: In the basement

Close-up of #6 - the tree is covered in airplane ornaments (our Dad is a private pilot)

#7: On the landing next to the kitchen - decorated in all Mary Engelbreit ornaments

#8: My personal favorite, the Family Room tree - it is covered in family memories!

My 1st Christmas ornament on tree #8

#9: Sam's room

Close-up of Sam's tree - in this photo you can see Thomas the Tank Engine, Woody, and the Cat in the Hat, some of Sam's favorites growing up

#10: In the computer room

#11: Jayne and Dac's room - she made ornaments out of their wedding favors for their tree!

#12: Henry and I's room - our tree includes Arkansas and Carolina ornaments
TWELVE TREES!  And every single one is beautiful - these pictures do not do them justice.  Mom, I know it takes so much time to put all of these up and decorate them, but the whole family looks forward to them all year!  They also remind us just how lucky we are.  Thank you.

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  1. Lord, I love Rhonda!! The Dick-Mansion at Christmas sounds like the most magical place on earth.