Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time to Get Gifty

Happy first day of the most wonderful month of the year! I feel like I used to buy gifts just a couple weeks out from Christmas, but now for some reason it seems like Dec. 1 is getting down to the wire. So I'm finally doing a gift list post, for the slackers out there (that would include me). These are 10 of my current favorite, fail-safe ideas for "her" (and options for each) - a lot of these are on my own wish list...

1. A Pretty Tray:

2. A Fun Print:

3. A Pair of Hunter Boots (although, am I the last person on earth without them?):

4. Splurge Makeup:

5. A Cute Clutch:

6. Desk Goodies:

7. A Series on DVD:

8. Comfy Slippers:

9. A Coffee Table Book:

10. A Novelty Sweater:

I really do like giving Christmas gifts better than receiving them. Enjoy the shopping month ahead!
Also I wanted to throw in here... this is our 50th post! Woohoo!!

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