Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Shower Fun

On top of all the beautiful decor and food, Mom and Jayne had two more amazing ideas:

1) Guests Address their Thank You card envelopes

They asked each guest to address an envelope (they had already stamped them!) which I have been using this week to send the thank you notes.  The addressed envelopes went into a basket and three were drawn at the end of the shower to receive a prize (they gave out books from this cool "Penguin Great Food" series).  You could also give away centerpieces from the party.  Even as someone who loves sending snail mail and addressing envelopes, this has been very helpful this week!  Any guest of honor would be thrilled to have this work done for them.

The stamped envelopes and basket.

I used these cute thank you cards from Target.
 2) Have guests create pages for a personalized ABC Book for the Baby:

Baby Wendel received lots of awesome books for her "library" at the shower - we can't wait to read them with her!  But this ABC book will probably be the most special - with the pages created by her loving family and friends.  They bought two of these kits to have enough pages for the whole alphabet and everyone at the shower drew a letter out of a basket for their page.  They all turned out great!  And my mom will finish the cover after she's born (and has a name) to say "(Name)'s ABC's".  Then they just have to send the pages back to the company, which creates a hardback book from the hand drawn pages.  SO DANG COOL.  I can't wait to see the finished product! 

This project is perfect for a baby shower, but you could also do it for a bridal shower and have people draw out "A Day in the Life of Mr. and Mrs. Dickman" (Oh how I miss my maiden name sometimes.)

Some of my fun family working on the book!

My cousin Molly is an awesome little artist!
 Biggest laugh at the shower:

My hilarious Aunt Linda and I have been calling each other "Hottie" for years now (she's a total Hottie), and we often buy each other silly little "Hottie" items we find, like keychains and underpants.  Well, she took it to a whole new level with my baby shower gift!  She couldn't be at the shower, but sent this extremely useful package my way:

That's my face for what I will find in the Hottie Pottie some day...
 Am I a lucky lady or WHAT?

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