Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Eats

We are known to create clever names for food at parties - finding a way to get any and everything to fit the theme.  My mom and I decided to go a little more "sophisticated" for Katie's shower, and rather than making the actual food selections fit the theme, we just made everything baby sized. We also had everything catered by our new hospital in Richmond (I know it sounds weird, a hospital catering, but they do the most amazing stuff and did the appetizers for my wedding.)

Some of the pretty little bites (we just did "apps and zerts"):

Clockwise from Top: Mini margarita cupcakes, strawberry shortcake "shots", three different kinds of deviled eggs - wasabi, roasted red pepper, and ranchy/regular (one of Katie's favorite foods!), veggies and dip (loved the peppers cut into flower shapes), fruit in a scalloped watermelon (her number one pregnancy craving), and mini cuban open-faced sandwiches.

The only thing we didn't get from the caterer were the thumbprint cookies... those are favorites of ours from our local bakery - and they will do any color of icing you want.

So excited for shower number two in DC this weekend!

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