Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My New Friend Roger

Never before would I have considered myself a Pink Floyd fan. Up until a few weeks ago I  don't think I would have been able to name one song. But, last winter Dac went with his brother Dru to The Wall - a tour they've been on for over a year where they play the entire album (two discs). They loved it so much that they convinced the rest of us we had to see it too. The whole McCabe clan (minus Laney and Austen of course) went to see it together in Tulsa this past weekend. Even only vaguely knowing the music (I prepped a little by buying the CD, because I didn't want to go into it totally blind), I have to say that this is one of the coolest concerts I've ever been to.

First of all, Roger Waters is awesome. He seems like the coolest dude ever, and at age 69 his voice still sounds exactly the same and he had amazing energy.

The best part was the video animation and special effects. It was unbelievable. Throughout the show they are building "the wall" from white bricks that they have projectors pointed at, and they are constantly filling them with animation, text, amazingly timed out graphics... it's just awesome. I wish I had some good pictures of this to show you, but it was impossible to get the right lighting.
By intermission the wall is completely built and the band was playing behind it (with Roger and other stuff out front). Then at the end, while we're all shouting "tear down the wall," it comes crashing down. There are way too many cool little things throughout to list them all, but two of the best songs were "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2" - where he has a group of kids singing and acting out the lyrics on stage - and then "Bring the Boys Back Home" with some very touching video/great messages.

We were in the "cheap seats" on the third level, so we were also provided with some great entertainment via all of the characters sitting around us. It was a rowdy bunch. Again, wish I had gotten some good pictures of this. There was the guy who was sitting next to Dac's dad videoing the ENTIRE concert with his iPhone while head banging, an extremely animated lady behind us shouting things randomly in a really loud and high pitched voice (one example: "Roger Waters for President!!"), popcorn, beer and glow sticks landing in our laps, and just lots and lots of randomness. And when we got home, we had some snacks and joked that we had the "munchies" from all of the things being smoked around us (in an indoor arena).

Klanci (Dac's sister), me, and Dac - Check out my sweet Pink Floyd shirt from Dac!

Live music is the best. If you have any interest in Pink Floyd I would SO recommend getting to this show.  Now... who to see next??

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  1. These pictures are awesome! Agree...Roger was unforgettable.