Monday, July 2, 2012

Breakfast Dessert: The New Way to Lose Weight

A while ago, I posted my obsession with this Kate Spade bag:

Sold out in stores, but you can find it on ebay.
And I am happy to report that I received the bag as a birthday present in March!  It has been fun to carry, I get lots of comments from strangers.  My favorite was an elderly gentleman who said "Gosh, I haven't had cake for breakfast in years - I think I need to do something about that!"  At one of my (many, many) trips to the doctor, the doc saw the bag and said "You know, the problem with cake is that it has no nutritional value..." It took me a minute to convince him that I was not eating cake for breakfast (at least not on a regular basis.)  While I will occasionally enjoy leftover cake for breakfast, I really think the phrase is more a state of mind - every day is a celebration!

But perhaps I should make it a regular thing?  Henry sent me this article last Friday: "Dessert at Breakfast May Help You Lose Weight."  Ha!  The study found that a group of dieters who let themselves indulge in a little "breakfast dessert" didn't feel deprived throughout the day and ended up losing more weight in the end than the group who did not get dessert with breakfast.  I like the concept, not sure how easy it would be to put the fork down at the right time.  What do y'all think?

I think you shouldn't feel bad about that red, white, and blue cupcake you had for breakfast this morning - it's good for you! :)


  1. Katie,
    Very cute bag! I've got 9 hours to justify why I need it before the auction ends on ebay :)
    Hope you're doing well and enjoying your last few days before the baby arrives (so excited to hear Lil Homey's real name)! I just love reading your blog!

    1. Thanks Aimee! Seems like a good splurge for your back-to-school (but not too soon!) wardrobe :) We can't wait til she gets here either, just trying to get some rest in now, haha. Your blog is super cute too, glad you got one started! Lots of great ideas! Take care,

  2. I have wanted this bag for SO long. I have mentioned it to everyone who loves me hoping for an amazing gift and they haven't gotten the hint. Maybe I'll have to just buy it :) splurge a little. Congrats on miss Nora's arrival she looks just perfect. Makes me anxious to meet my little one in about 18 weeks!