Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guest POSTIN in the HOUSE 2Nite!!!

Two things are happening this week in KC.  Jayne is having her first "real" week of work (last week was all orientation) and America is about to have another Bday.  In honor of the first event I am guest blogging for her so she can look for things to hang in her new cubicle.  For the second thing I submit for the internet's viewing pleasure the greatest local fireworks commercial in the history of rap music and google maps.  If you don't know anything about Kansas City or where in this fine metropolis one can purchase fireworks, your problems are solved.

(Yes there is thirty seconds of black following the thirty seconds of commercial - don't worry about that, all television commercials this epic do that, so that you can have time to absorb what you just witnessed.)

Turn Right, Turn Right, Fireworks!
Good luck not singing this forever, you're welcome.

For the rest of the country, keep your eyes peeled for a new Wendel this week.  Rumor has it Katie is gonna have that baby and we will finally get to find out what name they decided on.  I am pulling for Wendy Wendel or possibly Henrietta Wendel.  I'm good either way.


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  1. haha DAC...will you please Guest Post more often?!?!?! :)