Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love to Party

That song always gets me in the Valentine's Day mood. It would be the perfect song to play at, say, a Valentine's Day party. Red and pink is one of my favorite combos, and in February I find myself getting excited about things like the end cap displays at Target. I've put together a little collection of some of the best party accessories/ideas that I've seen this year...

1. Etsy print  2. Tissue paper fan - Shop Sweet Lulu  3. Heart Tray - Furbish  4. Glitter Sticks  5. Prep Bowls - Target  6. Tissue Paper Heart - Shop Sweet Lulu  7. Heart Balloons  8. Heart Matches  9. Heart Straws - Crate & Barrel

Also love this DIY heart garland:

1 / 2 / 3 

And one non-dessert for good measure (and pretty much my favorite food in any situation):

A couple little Favors:
1 / 2
Get your party shoes on!

via ban.do

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