Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest Post: Maddox's Mobile

Another post today from our cousin Jess about a super sweet DIY she made for her son's nursery.  I think Nora is jealous!  Thanks Jess!

From Jess:

So probably my most favorite DIY I did in Maddox's room is his elephant mobile.  I wish I had step by step pics to show ya, but it's pretty simple. 

I just copied an elephant shape from his jammies that I loved, traced my pattern on to felt, cut out, placed stuffing in the middle of two elephants, and hand stitched around the edges, added an ear in random fun material I had, and VOILA! :)

Next, I wrapped a styrofoam wreath with yellow ribbon and hot glued into place.  Then I added on ribbons to hang it from the ceiling and actually used the clips you put on curtains to hang them on the rods...well, we clipped them to the ribbons and then looped it over the hook we put in the ceiling.  The elephants are hanging with white ribbon.  It's perfect because it blows with the fan (a must, that lovely white noise maker) and he loves to watch it.

I've got so many ideas to do for the next baby....I'm talking like way way way down the road! :)

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