Monday, August 13, 2012

Love in the Land of Nod

We get so many dang catalogs, it drives me crazy.  There are a few that I love that I signed up to get, but the rest just go straight into the recycling bin.  I haven't looked at any catalogs or magazines for the past 5 weeks (I don't mind!), but looked through the Land of Nod catalog that came this stuff.  Even though they sell kid's stuff, I found lots of inspiration for grown-up rooms too:

How cool is that ombre radiator?  Such a great way to turn a potentially unattractive room feature into something pretty!
Love the colorful ceiling pendant and the giant apple.
Liking this storage situation.
I think these would be cool in any room where you would like to watch TV.

Ok, so this is really just for a kid...specifically, my kid.  SO CUTE, right?!
She's SO GROWN UP, I can hardly stand it!  Glad she's not big enough for that chair yet.

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