Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post: Maddox's Room

Our cousin Jess graciously wrote a few blog posts about some of her super fun DIY projects to help us keep the blog going while Katie hangs out (and gets the hang of) Little Homey.  Below is a post Jess wrote about her son's room - thanks Jess!

From Jess: 

I know how crazy it can be with a new little one around to much you just want to cuddle, and not so much be anywhere else!  I thought I'd throw myself out there into the blog world to help out my cuz's! :)  I'm Jess, a wannabe blogger, wife to my hubs, Heath, and stay at home Momma to Emerson (2) and Maddox (6 months).  Recently, wow scratch that, I guess a year ago isn't really recently, but anywho, go with me on this one....recently we moved into our new home.  We love it, and love to make it completely uniquely ours in every way we can.  Slowly, but surely, we are getting there:)  

  In the spirit of babies, I thought I'd share what we did for our nursery.  I so wanted this room to be done before our little tater tot arrived (we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl).  So we kept it gender neutral, with pops of color (which I LOVE color! much so, we ran the Color Run last weekend in Indy, it was awesome!)  

  We added board and batten.  Tutes are all over the place on the web, we went about 3/4 up the wall (ish), and each board was 16 inches from the other.  (The hubs is the perfectionist and planned it all out with drawings, etc.) Painted the top half gray and the board and batten white and went with pops of yellow (and the after Maddox was born, and he was a boy added the navy also).  His whole room is pretty much a DIY.

  The dresser was originally a pale yellow - needed some more KABAM! Went with a bright gold yellow.
 - I redid his bumbers with a gray seer-sucker fabric and added yellow buttons around. (side note: I know you're not supposed to use bumpers, but when his leg got stuck in between the bars, we went back to bumpers and keep a VERY close eye on him in the video monitor.)
 - His wall art: is a freebie print on the internet "You make me happy when skies are gray" and I painted yellow stripes on the mat.
         - the letter M in the middle is mod podged with scrapbook paper
         - the yellow framed piece, was a super clearance frame at Hobby Lobby without the glass, I painted it the same yellow and found that sign at the DOLLAR spot at Target "You are my sunshine"
         - I also painted ceiling medalions to add a new shape to the room and more fun for the corner! :)
 - Made the yellow pillow...easy peasy - but it's special, because it's the bridesmaid dress I wore from my sista's wedding and was newly preggers with Dox.

There's a tidbit of his room...and because I love pictures, and a picture is worth a thousand words...yada yada are s'more:)  


And After!:

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