Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Billy Sook

I don't think you're ever too old for Shel Silverstein - have you read his book Runny Babbit?
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He just randomly switches the first letter or two between two words that follow one another. It's the less annoying, more funny version of pig latin. You will also find some important life lessons in there. Here are a few of my favorites (Hint: They're not as good if you don't read them out loud.) I added what I think the message is, and my own "illustrations"...

On not caring what other people think:

Runny's Hand-New Brat
Runny got a present -
A lovely hurple pat.
He put it on and pasked his als,
"What do you think of that?"
One said "Ooh, it's storrible!"
One said, "Yuck - it hinks!"
Now Runny Babbit never asks
What other theople pink.
(In the book's illustration, his friends are quoted saying "Had bat, pal," "Hupid lookin' stat," and "Hilly sat.")

Carrie's fearless fashion (image found here)

On looking before you leap:

Runny's Jig Bump:
Runny be quimble,
Runny be nick,
Runny cump over the jandlestick.
But now - what smells like furning bluff?
Guess he didn't hump jigh enough.

These guys just go for it, not seeming to think about the fact that people will see it, or that they will have to watch it later (or maybe they just don't care). Either way, it's entertaining for me. (Image found here)

Also, I just found this on Pinterest... are these little kids really dressing like the J. Shore cast?!

(found here)

On Keeping Things Funny:

Runny's Heading Rabits
Runny lent to the wibrary
And there were bundreds of hooks -
Bistory hooks, beography gooks, 
And lots of bory stooks.
He looked them over one by one
And guess which one he took - 
A bience scook? A boetry pook?
Oh, no - a bomic cook!

A couple funny things... 

1. A video I can't stop watching/laughing at:

2. Hover cat.
(found here - thanks for pinning Mere!)

Wasn't that fun? Probably been awhile since you've had story time. I saw that Shel came out with a new book about a month ago called "Every Thing On It." You know I will be buying that...

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  1. Those little kids dressed up as the Jersey Shore crew are killing me!