Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Custom Costumes

I don't think I've ever worn a store-bought costume in my life, at least not the entire costume. This is probably mostly because I am always putting it together at the last minute and the store doesn't have any left. It also stems from the fact that my mom made our costumes when we were growing up, and that I really enjoy doing a play on words more than just being a character.

Katie and I decided we wanted to share some of our costumes from over the years (you may see some of hers tomorrow...).

Deviled Egg:
This was my senior year at IU, and I stole this idea from Katie... easiest thing ever! Just cut out a circle of yellow felt and pin or glue it to a white shirt, then add some devil accessories!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow:
I didn't execute this as well as I could have, but it's really easy to put together. Just find a cheap white hat and write "Somewhere" on the bill, then wear - in this order - something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple from head to toe. I had red earrings - kind of hard to see. Color blocking trend to the max. My friend Abby Misegades pulled an adorable costume out of her closet too, as you can see. Cutest bee ever!

Village People:
This was another one of my Halloween adventures with my awesome Dallas friends. We dressed up as the Village People. I'm on the right as the "military guy". I think I volunteered for this role because I knew I could reuse the outfit as "GI Jayne". I found a really big shirt at a local Army and Navy store and altered it with scissors. I also picked up a canteen and a hat. I think, while they're all good, the winning costume has to be Josh as the "construction guy". Love it.

Here is the photo we were trying to pose like (not quite the right order, but pretty good, right?):

Harry Potter:
This was with my team at work - everyone in our area did movies, and I think we put together a pretty convincing Harry Potter show... (although we didn't win any of the contest categories - everyone goes all out at Fossil). It's easy to see who's who, right?! I'm in the middle, as Harry. A scary look for me... people were doing double takes all day. I printed out the crest to pin on my sweater, and drew on the lightening bolt. I found the glasses, scarf and wig (I think it was called the "teen heartthrob wig") at Party City.

(not pictured, because the only photo I had was too embarrassing - mouth wide open singing and all that)
I dressed as toto when my high school show choir selected Wizard of Oz as the theme my senior year. I word a black unitard, black cat ears (they looked like totos ears though), a blue ribbon around my neck (as a collar), and... the real kicker, a basket around my waste as though I were sitting in it. My mom cut the bottom out of it for me. We also added checked fabric around the edges of the basket - it looked pretty much exactly like this! ;)

Image found here.

Some others just for fun:
Katie and I as Snow White and Dopey, posing in front of our grandparents' fire place as we always did when we stopped by. My mom made both costumes... surprise, surprise that I was Dopey, right? I loved that thing - wore it for like three Halloweens in a row I think.

 Our brother Sam as a lego block, made with a cardboard box, solo cups and a red sweat suit. Genius (and adorable)!

Katie and I again. I think this was when our parents got back from Hawaii, not Halloween - but this is always a good costume option if you live in a warmer climate.

Good luck costume hunting (or creating)!

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  1. This was SUCH a cute idea!!! love it :) Awww Village People was a FUN NIGHT!!!