Friday, October 7, 2011

I'll Have What She's Having

Welcome to the first weekly installment of "I'll Have What She's Having!" Every week, we will both pick out a few items we know the other will love as much as we do (and that when/if we buy them, we should just go ahead and buy one for our partner in Jayne, I'll take those boots in a size 11.) In the future, we plan on doing themed editions, like "IHWSH - Scarves" or "IHWSH - Candles." So if you have any requests for themes, let us know in the comments!

Katie's Finds:
1. Porcelain Hurricanes: I bought several of these in different sizes for our terrace and we love them! I've ended up using them inside more than out, and I love the way the light shines through the holes.
2. I Would Rather Have Champagne Print: I like to have things around my house with a little character, and this fits the bill. I also really love the bubbly!
3. Chevron Marquis Hoops: These would quickly become part of my regular jewelry rotation - classic with a twist.

Jayne's Finds:
4. Fillmore Glasses - Warby Parker: I am in love. I bought these glasses this week, and can’t WAIT for them to get here. I call them nerdy chic. Warby Parker has so many stellar styles - of both prescription lenses and shades - they'll be blowing up your Pinterest boards. If you haven’t checked out their site, do it now.
5. The Biker Boot – Madewell: I have wanted these for over a year now. Apparently everyone else does too, because no matter what the season, they never go on sale. I think it’s about time for these biker boots to hit the road with me... right?
6. Zigzag Rug - Urban Outfitters: What a great deal for such a killer rug! I want to get one for our living room, but need to pick a color… you really can't go wrong!

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