Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just In Cases*

I am celebrating today because yesterday I got my new iPhone 4s! I am a very lucky lady.

In honor of my new phone, some of my favorite iPhone cases:

1. Scales
2. Stay Classy
3. Pink & White Stripe
4. CC Skye Leather Stud
5. Game, Set, Match
6. Zig Zag
7. Personalized Multi Chevron
8. Rugby Stripe with Monogram

Anyone else get a new phone lately? Favorite cases? Favorite apps? I just started playing Words With Friends, could be trouble.

*The title is my very favorite line from my favorite movie, Love Actually. See the clip here:


  1. I "accidentally" said "just in cases" at work the other week to someone...they didn't notice.

  2. WK: I love #7 too - might have to add that to my Christmas list...

    Jeremy: :)

    Thanks for saying hi, y'all!