Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Costume is a Little Corny*

To follow up on Jayne's post from yesterday, my favorite costume of the past...


Count Dorkula and friends in Seattle, 2003 (the Angel, the Fountain, and the Khaki Ghost.)

This costume was fun to wear and easy to put together. I wore:
- A vampire cape
- Vampire Teeth
- "Dorky" glasses with tape around the bridge
- Lopsided pigtails
- A pocket protector
Abbey's fountain (pictured above) is a great idea too - she put her hair into water "sprouts" and taped pennies all over a blue shirt and pants.

In college, one of my best friends/roommates Beth and I dressed up as Shooting Stars:

Another easy costume:
We made star crowns out of birthday crowns from Party City using star garland and precut stars also from the party store. Then we just taped/pinned stars to our outfits and carried around water guns all night.

Another one of my favorites was from grad school. I can't find photos, but my sister and I dressed as "Fancy Pants" (I just pinned sequins, lace, and bows all over my jeans) and "Smarty Pants" (we pinned packs of smarties all over her jeans). Low cost and low commitment!

Here are some other random Halloween pictures from throughout the years:

I worked for Rubbermaid right out of college and created this high fashion look for a fashion show at a Wal*Mart near Seattle.

Jayne as an adorable bunny and me in another amazing costume sewn by Mom!


And last but not least, I dressed as a can of Mello Cello for my 9th grade orchestra concert. I played the...cello. Good guess. And then Sam followed in my soda-licious footsteps and dressed as a can of "Scooby Dew."

*Throughout middle school and high school I owned two halloween shirts:
-One said "My costume is a little corny" and had candy corn all over it - I also carried a giant candy corn mask around with this shirt at some point.
-The other said: "Bone to be Wild" with a skeleton on it. I wore one of those headbands that make it look like a bone is sticking through your head with this shirt. It was hard to be the coolest kid in school, but someone had to do it!

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  1. ha ha ha!!! hilarious! katie, you have always been too cool for school.