Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Olympic Spirit

Over the weekend, I helped host my BFF Shanda's bachelorette party in Indianapolis. It was super fun! Shanda loves sports and is fairly competitive, so I decided to turn the party into the "2011 Sanders Bachelorette Olympics." Turns out the whole group was pretty competitive. We had a dozen different events, each with a gold, silver, and bronze medalist, and then an overall Olympic Champ (based on medals won.) My mom helped me turn 1/3 of the originally-gold medals to bronze and 1/3 into silver, using spray paint:

The "award medals" came from Party City and we picked up the silver and bronze spray paint at Wal*Mart.

The ribbons were velcro, so we took them off to paint.

We did the painting outside, using the same techniques I employed for the chandelier.

 My mom and brother also helped me make an official Olympics sign and a medal standings board:

I just used two sizes of Tupperware lids to make the rings.
One of my favorite events was put together by Shanda's friend Molly - a photo scavenger hunt. It was set-up to be done at restaurants and stores around our hotel, and it was really fun. Here are a few of my fav pics from our team's hunt:


Texas Roadhouse

Boa Constrictor
We kept track of who won medals on the standings board, and in the end, Biscuit (my Olympics-nemesis) took home the trophy:

This is the ultimate Shanda bridal get-up.
Anyone else used a fun theme for a party recently? I like that you can turn anything into a competition with the Olympics theme. Shanda, we're all so excited for you and Matt!

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  1. So fun! What a great idea! I know you girls had a great time!!