Friday, October 14, 2011

IHWSH - Pillows

It's time for our second weekly "I'll Have What She's Having"... and this week it's all pillow talk. Pillows are small but mighty - one of the easiest ways to add color or personality to a room. Some of our favorites:

Katie's  Picks:
1. La Fiorentina Pillow
2. French Bulldog Pillow
3. Home Is Where The Heart is Pillow
4. Chevron Print Pillow in Sunshine Yellow

Jayne's Picks: 
5. Malabar Pillow in Chocolate
6. Metallic Squares Bronze Pillow
7. Sailor Rectangle Pillow
8. Happily Ever After Pillow


  1. hey!! we have a sisters blog too! great minds think alike, i guess. :)
    love your site!

  2. that's awesome! yeah, sisters bloggers! thanks for the comment - how did you guys come across our blog?

  3. I love the simple stripe rectangle one. I'm so getting my mom to sew me things for our new house.