Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Boy, You Stay On My Mind

Over the weekend I was so lucky to hang out with my great friend Megan and attend her baby shower - it was so fun!  I also got to visit with her lovely Mama, her husband Alex, and their pug, The Captain.  Megan and I share a love of TV, and within the first 30 minutes of being together, we were already discussing how much we love the new show "Nashville."  It's so great!  And Megan then led me to my new favorite Youtube video, of two sisters who are on "Nashville":

Aren't they AMAZING?  They have a lot of other songs you can find on Youtube by searching "Lennon and Maisy" (love their names too!)

Megan's condo is really nice and she has done some cool decorating - I grabbed pics of a few awesome ideas:

This is a framed tea towel (of Chapel Hill landmarks, so of course I love it) - what a great idea!  The mat and frame make it really look nice. 

This is their office (love the pug art and the bright yellow lamp).  Megan picked out this awesome stick-on wallpaper that looked amazing with the wainscoting in the room.  This might be something I could talk Henry into because it just peels right off when you're done loving it.

She made these cool jewelry frames!  She just painted the plain frames around 3 little cork boards and added fancy paper to the cork (I think glue or tape would work for this) and used push-pins to organize her awesome jewelry.  I really need some of this organization/action at our house.

Close-up.  You can see that she used special push-pins too.

Me, Megan, and her Mama before her shower.  Wish I had some pictures from the shower, it was so cute!  My favorite party details were the book plates with The Captain on them, the one-of-a-kind Friday Night Lights onesie she was gifted, and the blue nail polish favors (it's a boy!).

Thanks for such a fun weekend, Lady O!


  1. I can't believe my house made the blog! I feel so famous! The best decorative detail in my house this weekend was your pretty face!

    1. Haha, your house is sooooo famous. And you're the best! xoxo.

  2. those girls are ahhmazing...and love the show too!!

    1. Right??! I feel like we need to get Em and Nora singing together at Christmas this year with a couple of empty butter tubs :)