Monday, November 5, 2012

The Best Baptism Gifts

Not only did Nora have a great ceremony and party for her baptism, she also got some special gifts.  She got some super cute new clothes and her first Bible.  She was also gifted with these lovely items:

On the left from Grhonda and Grandbob (Uncle Sam got a "Godfather" tee to match) and on the right from Aunt Jayne and Uncle Dac.

An ADORABLE quilt made from this fabric by a new friend of mine, from Tia Mia.

A tiny little cross necklace from Grhonda and Grandbob.

The first charm for her charm bracelet from Uncle Sam (the other side shows a Baptism).

...And this GORGEOUS print from Jayne and Dac and pillow that I love so much, embroidered by my awesome Aunt Carolyn!

We are lucky ducks.  And here are a few recent pics of my little duck:

She started rolling over (constantly) last week and this was taken one morning when I went in to get her out of bed -she was SO PROUD of herself for rolling over in her crib.

This is her special, handknit sweater from a great friend of mine (thank you Chris!)  It is so sweet and cozy on her.

Typical NJ.

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