Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shave time. Shave money.

Please excuse the (bleeped) language in this, but I figure a lot of the guys I know - especially those I'm related to - will likely be interested in "shaving time" and "shaving money." This is a real thing, and a guy I know at work really does save quite a bit of money by being in the Dollar Shave Club.

I thought the ending of this, with the American flag, was appropriate for election day? 

So this past weekend, I had a blast showing my new (actually, not so new anymore) city to a great friend of mine from Dallas. Shannon and I did it all in 48 hours: First Friday in the Crossroads, the City Market, the Plaza, West Bottom antique shopping, Westport and lots and lots of great food. Plus, of course, an in depth tour of the new house. First non-family house guest - pretty big deal!

Antique shopping in West Bottoms - First Friday weekend

Happy voting! And happy, happy birthday to my mother-in-law Matsy!

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