Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lonny, Lonny, Bo Bonny

As I posted last fall (whoa, almost exactly a year ago...I guess my mind is on an annual cycle, and the beginning of November is my favorite time to think about periodicals.  Hmmmm.) I have magazines coming out of my ears.  The time I now devote to sitting down with one is negligible at best (though I did read part of a People magazine this morning on the metro).  Because I've already got a huge stack to catch up on, I never get around to reading the awesome online magazine, Lonny.  The latest issue came out a few days ago, and though I haven't read it, I did peruse some of the photos, and found some beautiful stuff:

All images are from the November 2012 issue, found here.  If you do have time to add a magazine to your rotation, might as well check out this gorgeous (and free!) publication.

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