Monday, November 12, 2012

The Monday List

  • If you have a kid (or several kids, actually) to buy a small Christmas gift for, may I suggest this Mr. Men and Little Miss Christmas set?  You get 5 cute books (I haven't read them yet, but I think all of the Mr. Men/Little Miss books have a pretty good message), a holiday card, some cute cardboard ornaments, and some stickers in an awesome little box.  Right now it's about $9!  (It was actually only $7 when I got it last week, they must've realized what a treat this was):
To buy on Amazon
  • I strained a muscle in my neck last Thursday night, to the point where I couldn't turn it to the left all weekend.  This injury occurred during an agressive game of peekaboo.
  • It was 70 degrees here in DC yesterday, but last week it was pretty chilly, which resulted in this:
Hat from Boden.
  • It's been exactly one year today since we found out we were having a baby...what a crazy year it's been!  I feel like a very lucky duck.
  • I'm pretty excited to start listening to Christmas music in a week and a half!
  • We had some friends over for dinner Saturday night and I made this awesome pear crisp from the Pioneer Woman.  I made it in four individual little dishes (so I baked them a little less than the recipe calls for) and with no pecans.  They were DELICIOUS and made a nice fall dessert:

  • Do you watch Top Chef?  Henry and I love to watch it, and Top Chef Seattle started last week (one of my favorite cities!).  I didn't like the format of the first episode to decide who will be in the competition, but I guess it usually takes me a few episodes to be invested and care about the contestants.
  • And last, but not least, Nora and her gang:
All of her friends are Jellycat animals - we love them!

Have a fun week!

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