Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turkey Day Firsts

Dac and I hosted our first holiday together this Thanksgiving, with his fam...

In our first house. (our family room is pretty much the only room with stuff in it at this point)
Using pretty much any kind of T-giving decor for the first time.
With a meal prepared by lots of great chefs in our first real (non-rental) kitchen. Go, Klanci, go!
Including our first turkey.
Which we ate on our China, used for the first time (other than to eat our wedding cake on our first anniversary). Was pretty excited about the gravy boat. Like our makeshift dining room table? Dac's parents were awesome to bring us a card table to use. (Still haven't found a dining room set we love. Suggestions welcome.) PS: See that hurricane in the middle of the table? My mom introduced me to the fact that a bag of cranberries looks really pretty around a candle for the holidays. Cheap and easy!
Then afterwards we went to our first Plaza Lighting Ceremony. Every Thanksgiving night, our Country Club Plaza has a big celebration leading up to when they "flip the switch" for the Plaza lights to come on for the season. They are beautiful and my fave thing about KC at Christmas time. By the amount of people that turned up it's obviously a tradition for a lot of families in KC to go to this thing.
As soon as the lights came on, they had a pretty awesome firework show that we turned out to be standing in the perfect spot for. Pretty sure those were my first Turkey Day fireworks.
Had to get a pic with the lights (our first of probably many this season).
Thanks for a great weekend McCabes!
Here's to a lot more holiday hosting ahead.

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