Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Ready, 2012

2011 was quite a year.... with the biggest event being the move to Kansas City from Dallas. Dac and I are learning awesome things about our new city every day, like how amazing the lights are on the Plaza (my new favorite shopping area) at Christmas (this pic doesn't do it justice):

We also gained a new niece this year, Austen. I had to share this picture of her from this Christmas because... OMG:

The greatness of 2011 puts a lot of pressure on 2012 - but we have big plans for it (like finding a house)! I also wanted to share some of my resolutions (since we all know they're hard to keep, and maybe making them public will help):

1. Find an exercise routine I can actually stick to. Exercising is something I only really enjoy once I get in the habit of doing it on the regular... and I wasn't so great about that in 2011. But this year... get ready running shoes! Because I want this to be realistic, I'll say at least 3 times a week.

2. More phone time (and visit time when the budget allows) with long distance friends. It was hard enough when I moved to Dallas and had all my Indiana peeps to keep in touch with. Now, there are just way too many people I miss! I need to make a greater effort. And although the date's not set yet... this just could be the year (here's hoping) we head to FRANCE to visit our friends Abby and Logan..

via my Pinterest

3. Learn at least one full song on the guitar. This would double the number of songs I already know, which is exactly one. Dac gave me my guitar for my 25th birthday... so I learned one song in two years. Not only was it just one song - but I picked the easiest one I could find - "Just Another Manic Monday" (random, I know). I think it has 3 chords. Clearly it hasn't been a priority. If I get back into learning, maybe I will learn tons of songs - but for now I will just make one song my goal.

guitar family via Etsy

4. Make stuff. I've had so much fun with the projects I've included on the blog this year, but there's been a lull in my creativity lately. I want to make DIY projects a regular thing. I'll shoot for one a month. Here's (a seemingly easy) one I've got my eye on - words outlined with thumbtacks:

via my Pinterest

5. Resist the urge to go out to dinner. Dac and I love going to dinner - a costly hobby. And now that we've explored a lot of the restaurants in Kansas City, it's time to scale it back. We've decided on once every other week (special occasions the exception). Going to be tough...

Alright, now they're out there - that means I have to stick to them! What are you resolving to do?


  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! I need to get better about calling... (once our stolen phone gets replaced) AND if you need any persuading on Mission France... let me know!!! I miss you... like, a LOT!

  2. Love her H&M outfit! Aunt Jayne has such good taste! Love the picture of you and Dac. Need a copy to frame.