Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Mask

What a terrible movie, right?

Yeah, this post isn't really about an old, annoying Jim Carrey movie.  Henry and I returned this past weekend from 2 weeks in Japan!  We had an amazing trip, visiting his family and learning so much about the country, specifically Okinawa and Miyako, the two islands where his family lives.  While the trip was great, recovering from the jet lag hasn't been as fun.  Last night I got home from work at 8:30 and fell asleep in my clothes when I went up to our room to change into sweats. 

I think drinking a ton of water is the #1 way to fight jet lag and feel great while you travel.  But my savior on this trip was this guy:

From Bibon on Etsy
I could (and did) sleep anywhere with this thing on!  It is super comfy and really blocks out all light, making my sleep on the plane more restful.  Our curtains don't block out all the light in our bedroom, so I've been wearing it at home too - it's the best. I've had less substantial and cheaper eye masks before, and they really don't compare.  I highly recommend ordering one of these (or finding something like it) if you are in search of better sleep!

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  1. I imagine you wearing this, a silk bathrobe and a turban with an empty martini class next to you in the bed. Kind of a drunken Joan Collins vibe...And I love it!