Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Asheville Part 1

This is the B&B we stayed at in Asheville, NC for our girls' trip this past weekend. We had such an amazing time and highly recommend this quirky, laid back little town when you're looking for a quick getaway. Katie found this B&B and I think she will be giving you more deets in another post - it was perfection, and of course we stayed in the "party suite."

Ironically, we went the weekend before the Hunger Games hits theaters - and Asheville and the surrounding area is where it was filmed. The cast stayed in Asheville during filming, in the condos at the top of Hotel Indigo (right in the middle of the downtown area). Apparently they have all kinds of Hunger Games travel packages. So because Katie and I are both obsessed/nerdy, we made a couple stops at places we had heard the cast frequented, like the Malaprop's Bookstore. We all made purchases here - great giftables. Me and Mom:

We also went to Early Girl Eatery, a place recommended for any visitor - a little farm to table restaurant with lots of delicious organic options. It also happens to be where Josh Hutcherson (who plays Peeta) met Entertainment Weekly for his interview, AND where he ate with former gf Vanessa Hudgens. We asked the waitress and she even told us where they sat. I then got a picture with the table (nerd alert). Early Girl:

The delicious coconut cake we had. YUM.

More to come on Asheville! And you can bet I will be at The Hunger Games on opening night (or maybe even Thursday at midnight)...

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  1. Love this Jayne!! I would have taken a pic with the table too. I have my tickets for Friday night and I am so excited I am actually incapable of accomplishing anything this week!