Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"I Got the Rose"/"Winning"

Oh, Ben... everyone in America (ok, all of the girls who devoted a large portion of their Monday night to watch the Bachelor) is saying "I told you so." What did you think would happen when you picked this girl...

I do HAVE to admit that she was 100% a different person around Ben - and that by the end I could almost believe she actually loved him - but come ON. Up until the final three the girls were warning you - even the sweet ones who've probably never said a bad thing about anyone else. But I guess in this case being a model and a skank (I think this is fair to say after she snuck over to Ben's, when there were still a lot of girls there, for a surprise skinny dipping session that she then bragged about to the cameras for the rest of the show) really did equal "winning."

Was anyone surprised that they had broken up before "After the Final Rose"? This had something to do with it (even though he says it's not true):

And somehow even after all the crazy stuff she pulled she somehow manipulated the audience into being mad at BEN towards the end. I'm mad at him too though I guess - really bad judgment. My prediction? They will break up again within the next two weeks. Keep an eye on US Weekly.

I don't know what it is that, no matter who is the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I get sucked in. Well, I'm definitely happy to have my Monday nights back!

Just saw this quote on Pinterest:

Whoops. That's a good one to keep in mind going forward. ;)

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