Monday, March 5, 2012

The Lucky Ones

Many of my friends say that I live a charmed life...and I agree with them, 100%.  I'm so lucky!  And so grateful for all of the awesome that is my life.  Sometimes though when people say "only you Katie, you're SO lucky!", I can only partially get on board with that sentiment.  I don't have some magic formula, but I do believe that "luck" finds me the most when I'm looking for it.

A few quick examples:

In grad school, I read about two women who sold winter ponytail hats (unfortunately the company no longer exists):


Very cute and very functional!  I wear a lot of hats in the winter and my hair is almost always in a ponytail, so I figured that I NEEDED one of these hats!  Too bad they were about $80 a piece and I was living on a small grad school budget (really, $80 is a lot for a hat on any budget...maybe that's why the company no longer exists?  too bad, great product!)  $80 or not, I knew I would wear the hat often.  So I emailed the owners of the company.  I explained that I was in grad school at IU, and that I worked and interacted with many women on campus who I thought were their target audience.  I asked them to send me a hat with a promise from me that I would tell everyone about where I got it and where they could get one too.  It was a shot in the dark, but what could it hurt?  Well, they sent me a very nice note back, almost making fun of my plea, but also impressed that I had just asked.  So they sent me a hat!  I still love my ponytail hat, and I know of at least a few more that they sold because of my "marketing."


Anyone else think that the Lauren Hobo Wallet is the best?  I do!  But about a year after I purchased my first one, the leather started to come out of the frame on one side.  It didn't make it unusable, but I was ticked because it wasn't cheap and thought it was something that would last forever.  I emailed the company (just found the email address for Hobo public relations on their site) and explained that I had bought my wallet a year ago and loved it, but was disappointed that it was falling apart.  They responded right away and asked what color I'd like as a replacement.  The new wallet arrived a couple days later!  I will be loyal to this company forever now because their products are high quality, and they have excellent customer service.

A little Felix Felicis from Harry Potter certainly couldn't hurt your luck!

There are not many things that bother me as much as being subjected to someone else's cigarette smoke.  Often on my walk to work I get stuck behind a smoker and passive-aggresively give them dirty looks that I'm sure they don't see.  I just cross the street when that happens, but a large group of smokers also congregates right outside the entrance to my office building on a regular basis.  One morning I had had enough and looked up the building manager.  I sent him a quick email asking if maybe a different area (where everyone isn't forced to walk) could be designated as the smoking section.  It was done by that afternoon, no problem. 

Apparently, email is my weapon of choice, haha.  I only wanted to share these strokes of luck to encourage you to just ask.  If something is bothering you or you want something to happen, try thinking just a little bit outside the box or taking that one small extra step to see if you can make it happen.  When I do this there are two things I find most helpful:
-Killing with kindness.  I feel like people respond better to someone who is respectful and kind.  Unless you've been seriously wronged, this is always the way to go!
-What's the worst that could happen?  In my silly examples, the worst that could happen was that I wasted 5 minutes writing an email.  I know that's not the case for more serious situations, but ask yourself that question; usually the worst that can happen is that things remain the same, so nothing is lost for trying.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

PS: Would love to wear this pretty good luck necklace!


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