Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flower Power

It's been around 80 degrees and sunny this week in Kansas City. Doesn't seem quite right, but hey, I'll take it. People are so excited about it too... it's like a non-stop party everywhere you go. The spring floral trend is tempting me left and right, now that I'm really in the spring mood. Apparently the same goes for lots of other peeps, because that top above that I love from Anthro is already sold out.

This stuff isn't though...

1. Skinny Skinny Ankle Floral Jean: Madewell  2. Floral Bow Back Sun top: Topshop  3. Floral Racerback: Old Navy  4. Floral Belted Dress: Dorothy Perkins  5. Citizens of Humanity Floral Thompson: Anthro  6. Lobelia Bikini: Anthro  7. Floral Skimmer: Urban Outfitters

Also adore this Zara top:

I love how floral mixes so easily with other prints and patterns too. It's almost like the more you mix it with the cooler it looks. I especially love it with stripes:

1 / 2
And leopard:

1 / 2

Hope you're enjoying beautiful weather too!


  1. Hi there!

    I wanted to let you know that I gave you the Liebster Blog Award. I am fairly new to your blog and look forward to it everyday!


  2. OK this sounds silly but I didn't even KNOW they made floral pants like that! Those are too cute - love how you paired it with all of those neutrals. I need to get me one now :)

    1. That doesn't sound silly to me, Sarah! And you should definitely pick up some florals for yourself :) Thanks for saying hi!

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