Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Happy birthday sister! I hope this is the kind of day you have... and also that you get this bag, since I know it was on your wish list!

Katie was born in 1981, and last year was her 30th. We threw a big 'ole party at she and Henry's new home, and it was a blast. I suppose this "theme" would work for any birthday of hers:

(awesome sign made by our mom)

The cake matched, and my mom and I came up with names for all of the food items that had something to do with Katie's life. All the decor was sort of modeled after Martha Stewart's confetti-inspired wedding. Wish we could do it again every year!

So Katie, you better party like it's Nineteen Katie One today! Go crazy. 
Wish I were there to party with you. 


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  1. Thanks sister! I DID have cake for breakfast this morning, so it seems like I should have the bag too :) Love you!