Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mr. Pudding

As Katie mentioned yesterday, there was a neighborhood cat that hung around our B&B in Asheville (that she dubbed Mr. Pudding after another inside joke from our trip). We were playing a game on the veranda when Katie first spotted Mr. Pudding below us and freaked out because she thought he was a raccoon. After that, he was for some reason hilarious to us every time we saw him... especially after we got a close up look and realized he was cross-eyed. I know it's not nice to make fun of animals, but for some reason this had me crying laughing:

Mr. Pudding kept jumping in the shots throughout our trip:

Well, as you can see we had almost too much fun in Asheville. One more pic - us outside the Biltmore - just for good measure. We're reeeally far away from the house, and it's STILL that big.

Mr. Pudding didn't make it into that shot. As promised, Dac and I will be at the midnight premier showing of Hunger Games tonight - tomorrow will hurt!

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