Friday, March 23, 2012

IHWSH - Clutch Love

We both love to carry bigger bags because of all the stuff we "have" to lug around, but a clutch is a great thing to have for those nights out, lunch/dinner dates or just a quick errand. Fun fact: We each gave each other a clutch  (and they were both Kate Spade!) as our maid of honor gift to the other for our wedding. Some of our current faves for this week's "I'll Have What She's Having":

Katie's Picks:
1. Constellation Clutch: Scout & Catalogue on Etsy  2. Emma Book Clutch: Kate Spade  3. Custom Emily Clutch: 1154 Lill  (You pick your design! Use code clutch12 to save 25%.)   4. Large Leather Carry-all: American Apparel

Jayne's Picks:
5. Cherries and Berries Foldover: k.slademade  6. Envelop Clutch: ASOS  7. Mason Frame Clutch: Fossil  8. Hot Streak Clutch: Anthro

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