Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chalk It Up to Fun

Dac and I had been talking about making a chalkboard globe for quite awhile, after seeing tons of vintage globes at the antique store in our neighborhood and - of course - a cool one I saw on Pinterest. His dad had an extra one he was going to get rid of, so we did a test run. We used chalkboard spray paint from Michaels:

We did this in terrible lighting in our apartment parking garage, so we didn't really notice that there were some awkward drip marks until later. (We can't wait for the day when - hopefully soon - we have our own garage or driveway where we can do stuff like this.) On a surface that you can't exactly lay flat, it may be better to use actual chalkboard paint rather than spray paint. Also, we know that for next time we definitely want to do a flat surface globe, because you can see the raised continents through the paint, and it made for a bumpy chalk job. We just used blue paint tape that we had left over to cover the stand.

Other chalkboard paint projects I have my eye on:

Paint a platter to mark items for a party. Found here.

Another clutch party idea, found here.

Or perhaps some placemats? Found here.

Or how about an entire wall of chalkboard? (via Pinterest)

My friend Abby (she is currently living in France, and she and her husband just jetted over to ITALY for her birthday the other week) did a small chalkboard wall in the kitchen of her charming little French apartment:

If you like the idea of a chalkboard wall but want to do it in a less conspicuous spot, I think the inside of a pantry door would be a great place to have a running grocery list.

Chalkboard/headboard is also a fun idea (via Pinterest):

And, love these spice jars from Anthro:

Elsie on A Beautiful Mess tells you here how to make chalkboard paint - in any color - using tile grout mixed with paint. How cool! 

Have fun chalkin' it up!

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  1. I'm famous!!!! Thanks for the shout out! A tip: Do NOT use Chalkboard MARKER on chalkboard paint if the surface is porous. We had to re-paint our wall b/c it was wood and the chalk wouldn't come off. Normal chalk works perfectly though ;)