Monday, April 23, 2012

I Guess That's Why They Call It Window Pain

This is the window over our kitchen sink; as you can see, we enjoy a nice view of the backs of our neighbors' houses while we do the dishes.  Because that isn't my favorite view, I like to keep happy little trinkets on our windowsill.  Things are moved around a lot, but right now, the sill currently holds (from left to right):

My UNC drink coozie.  This is a close-up of the sea monster my good friend Martha drew on the coozie when we lived in Seattle together in 2004.
The "Happy Smurfday" guy that Dac gave me for my 30th birthday.
The penguin creamer I got this year in my Easter basket from Mom and Dad.
The Waterford Crystal Shamrock we got on our big family trip to Ireland for my cousin Ted's wedding.

We had the guy at the Waterford factory engrave it with "2009 - Ireland."
This is just a (Hallmark) greeting card I put in a frame to hang in my kitchen when I was in college because it made me laugh.  In case you can't read it, it says: "True Story: My cookbook says if I don't have 2 eggs, I can substitute with 3 egg yolks.  I don't think my cookbook understands my problems."
"The Friendship Oven Squirrel" that Jayne and I got for Christmas from Mom and a little Bluebird of happiness that Beep Beep (our Mom's Mom) gave me years ago.  The squirrel is so random, but has been useful and totally cracks me up!
The Tale of the Friendship Oven Squirrel:
"North Carolina folklore has it that the residents of the Pisgah Mountain range gave this squirrel to any new comer to the neighborhood as a sign of friendship.  It was to be displayed in their front window to signify that they had been welcomed to the neighborhood.  It also works great when you need to pull the oven rack out with his ears and push it back in with his front paws." (from the tag around his neck).  I'm not sure where she got ours, but it looks like they are available here: The White Squirrel Shoppe.

The roman shade on the window was made by a friend in Richmond, IN (we lovingly refer to her as "The Curtain Lady").  The fabric is Waverly "One Wish Blackbird" and I bought it here.

Thanks for checking out the most random windowsill collection...anyone else have fun objects sitting in their kitchen window?  Adding a "Friendship Oven Squirrel" to your wish list immediately?

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