Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pink Lady

YAY for Baby Girl Wendel!! I'm so glad Katie shared the news... now I can start pinning and blogging about girly things for her! Everyone knows how much cuter girl stuff is - there's just no way around it. Sorry, boys. Something else I couldn't blog about before that I can now... my mom and I threw Katie a makeshift little surprise "It's a Girl"/Pink Party in Asheville. The whole weekend was perfect to celebrate because the B&B we stayed at was literally nicknamed "The Pink Lady."

(Yes, that's right - I wore a pink shirt for the occasion.)

In honor of the exciting news, a few pink things for baby W:

1. Bow Dress: Zara  2. Overall Shorts (heart in front, ruffles in back!): h&m  3. Jellycat Pink Giraffe: Amazon  4. Baby Rabbit Printed Dress: Smallable  5. Soak proof bib: Funkie Baby  6. Flutter sleeve Creeper: Carters  7. Neon Floral t-shirt: Zara  8. Tiny Toms: Toms

And, what the heck, some pink things I would like to have:

1. Pink Blazer: h&m  2. Pillow: Etsy  3. Fluoro Necklace: Bauble Bar  4. Essie Fiesta: Essie  5. Ballerina with Garniture: Zara  6. Raindrop Lace Tee: J.Crew  7. Fluo Vase: Hunting & Collecting  8. Lip Stick in Clueless: Topshop  9. Racerback Tank: Tibi

xoxo to Mama Wendel and the mini lady on her way in just three months!

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