Monday, April 30, 2012

Hosting a Dinner Party: Jams

This week Jayne and I thought it would be fun to plan an imaginary dinner party.  Hosting a dinner party is near the top of my to-do list, once I'm a "grown-up."  Still probably a long way off from being a grown-up, but maybe I can get my act together sooner and invite some friends over for a fun evening together.  I thought I'd start the planning off with some music suggestions to play during the party.  The music can really set the tone for the soiree, and I have a laid-back evening with a slightly "fancy" feel in mind.  The music will be kept low, unless someone's ready to dance after dinner!

Here are some albums I think would perfectly set the mood:

Madeleine Peyroux, Careless Love - I LOVE this album, for a dinner party or any time!

Norah Jones, Come Away With Me - A classic, you can't go wrong with this.

Michael Buble, It's Time - Any of his music would be great, and I highly recommend his Holiday Album for a Christmas Party too!

Frank Sinatra, Best of the Best

Louis Armstrong, All-Time Greatest Hits

Garden State Soundtrack

One Fine Day Soundtrack - One of my all-time favorites!

If you want to mix it up a bit, check out these awesome playlists:
We'll discuss other fun aspects of hosting a dinner party like decor and food throughout the rest of the week.  Any other great dinner party soundtracks out there?

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