Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jelly Bean Magic

My co-worker Brenna, who is also a major music guru, introduced me to this crazy music video that was made entirely from jelly beans (well, except for the artist herself, who eventually does turn into a jelly bean character). Kina Grannis has apparently been around for awhile, and her video has been a You Tube sensation since November - which landed her a spot on the Ellen show. A great explanation as to how the video was made can be found here. Basically they used 288,000 jelly beans to create jelly bean art that was covered in glass, and she would lie on top of it to do the shoot.

So cool, right? They used stop-motion animation to make the jelly beans do all that cool stuff - a video technique I've heard a lot about from Dac.  The song itself has a Colbie Callait feel, which I always enjoy. I might need to make some jelly bean art. Or maybe just go buy some to eat.

A few other fun jelly bean creations:

Hope your day is peachy keen, jelly bean.

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  1. I had seen that video- so much effort but SO cool!! And jelly bean bags... am I allowed to be 28 and buy those for myself? haha so cute!