Monday, April 9, 2012

Going Mobile

We have yet to decide anything about the baby's room...with 3 months left, I think we need to get it going!  Starting tomorrow, the builder will be in our house for a few weeks to fix a construction issue, so we've been waiting til that is done to really get started.  I'm excited we can finally start making some decisions!

One thing I'm thinking about is making a mobile for her room.  Check out some of these awesome do-it-yourself versions I've found:

I love this simple and sweet ribbon mobile - no sewing required!  Found here.
My great friend Abbey made this one for her nephew I believe...she's super crafty.  Not sure I have the skills, but I love the mobile!  Found here.
I think this raincloud is so cool!  Found here.
Abbey actually made me a beautiful paper crane mobile in 2003 when we were living together in Seattle.  It survived 9 moves but very sadly didn't make it through the 10th.  It looked very similar to the mobile above, but had multi-colored cranes and was bigger.  Recreating that special gift is probably my number one choice for Lil Homey's room!  Found here.

If I don't go the handmade route, there are tons of cute mobiles for sale on Etsy, like these:

Found here.
Found here.
Awesome!  Found here.

So, what do you think?  Would she like to sleep under paper cranes?  Maybe she would prefer to count sheep?

PS: My parents and brother Sam came to DC for Easter this weekend - we love hosting them!  On Saturday my mom and I braved the (rude) crowds at Home Depot and picked out some flowers for in front of our house.  Yesterday she planted them all for us!  They look SO wonderful and I'm really excited about them!  Thank you Mom!

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